See what's in town at STAPLES CENTER, L.A. LIVE, the Convention Center, Disney Hall Music Center, theaters, clubs, restaurants, galleries, and venues. In Town TV, the web powered in-room guide to Downtown L.A. for hotel guests.
If its in town its in-room. Watch our dedicated Sheraton TV Channel: 38. Or, view online, in hotel lobbies, businesses and bars that show In Room TV. Now Playing on over 800 TV screens in Downtown L.A., 24-7.
LIVE from the Convention Center floor to in-room hotel TV screens. InTownTV is the first service that lets convention sponsors reach attendees in their hotel rooms on Live TV, and video. Its like room service for local info and communications.
When not LIVE, In Town TV plays a hand picked selection of informative and entertaining local showcase videos, in a 4 hour loop, so guests can quickly & comfortably see what's happening by simply watching in-room hotel TV.

»» The New In Town Guides. City Center takes center stage in the new 'creative capitol of the world'. Our In Town TV Showcase above is a hand picked guide to entertainment in downtown LA. Stage and Screen. Events and Profiles. You have the best seats in the house. In-room. In town.

Also, a cool, automated, delightfully deep entertainment menu from across the mega marvelous metro City of Angels. Explore »»

InTownTV, your hotel TV hook-up. Normally in-room hotel TV promotions are a bit too expensive for all but a few willing to spend big on TV advertising. Now, In Town TV puts in-room TV in reach of every local business that offers quality products and services to hotel guests. So tune in and take home more value, from more L.A..

In Town TV disrupts the pay-to-play tourism guide model with a curated showcase to everything that's anything. Los Angeles has plenty to offer, so we update several times a day to keep it fresh for our guests, who deserve nothing but the best.

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